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Need to get MORE Cash-flow??? Need to begin a BUSINESS??? Searching for PASSIVE INCOME thoughts?

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How to INVEST in stock market?What is trading???how it works??

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Who I am? What's my story?

Hi, Greetings !!!!!!

I am Suraj. A middle class fellow attempting to find out about cash. I compose this blog so I can improve my funds just as offer my learnings. 

I am a Mechanical Engineer and work in IT Sector as a Technical Support Executive and I additionally have a half broken startup. 

I like perusing books about Personal Finance, track National Stock Exchange, discover easy revenue ideas and travelling. Here is my account of disappointment and skip back.

Here is my story,

I finished my lone ranger’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. I didn’t land the position I wanted for a purported high paid dream work so I chose to stop. 

I chose to go into business in agro-processing. It turned out badly abandoning a heap of debts over my head with a terrible CIBIL score. 

I was about to bankrupt if my parents would not have loaned me some help.

Here I am working in three movements, eight hours every day, no fix week off, sitting tight for pay.


There was a restless night when I was contemplating my errors thinking back.

I had a smart thought, I had capital, I buckled down, yet I fizzled.

What would have turned out badly???am I marked by bad fortune? it would appear that GOD of cash isn’t pleased with me.  

I was so disappointed and frustrated. When I realized I was missing to deal with my assets. I chose to find out about cash standards and began understanding books. 

I understood that I am not the only person who is battling with funds. At the point when I got somewhat steady I decided to begin composing a blog to support myself and possibly others also. 

I like to find out about

  • Money Saving Hacks
  • Investing and Wealth Creating Thoughts
  • Passive Earning Ideas
  • Fund Protection
  • Stock Markets
  • Government Policies and Schemes
  • Designing Personal Finance Plans
  • Banking
  • Reading Finance Books