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How to Get Paid by Playing Music with Current App???

Get paid to listen to your favorite music online.

Yeah! Isn’t it amazing getting paid for just playing music?

Even I did not believe initially that I can earn by listening to music but after reading so many good reviews on the internet I decided to give it a shot.

All of us like to listen to songs, play games, watch videos. All of us spend most of our leisure time on our mobile phones. There is no one who does not like music and many of us like playing games.

I do not play games that much but I do like all sorts of songs old, new, Hindi, English, Marathi, etc.

Recently, I came across an app named ‘Current’ which actually pays you for listening to music.

Apart from the music, we can earn by playing games, participating in surveys, installing apps.

To my surprise, we can earn enough to pay the monthly mobile bill very easily.

The app which is actually going to pay us is developed by Current Media LLC, a U. S. company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and the name of the app is Current Cash Reward.

What is the Current Cash Reward app?

The Current is one of the GPT (Get-Paid-To) app and it is popular all over the world. GPT apps pay you for playing music, watching videos, clicking ads, participating in surveys, etc.

Is it legit?

Yes, I did some research over the internet and found Current is completely legit app and pays for listening music, playing games, answering quiz and watching videos.  

Current stands out with an impressive rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store with 5.68k reviews and a rating of 4.4 on App Store with 33.6k reviews.

What does it require?

  • Android or iOS device to install the app.     
  • Internet connection to connect online.
  • PayPal account to encash points earned.
  • A little bit of time and love for music and games.

How can I start?

Follow the steps below and start earning :

  • Follow this link and install the Current app on your device

  • Login to the app. You can login with Google, Facebook, and email address.
  • Start playing music and collecting points.
  • You can go to ‘Redeem’ tab and set a goal that will encash points as soon as reached.

Note: We need to allow the app to run in the background so that we can play music while using other apps and continue to earn.

How does it work? How can we earn points?

As soon as we login into the app we are asked to complete a profile and complete a few simple tasks which already help us to make around 100 points.

We can earn bonus points up to 50 just by logging in to the app daily.

1.Playing music:

Getting paid for playing music is the main feature that separates Current from other GPT apps. You just need to play music and start counting the points.

The music section has more than 1,00,000 radio stations including Asian and Bollywood music. If you like any of the stations you can save the stations.

You can also search for your favorite artist or song listen to it as well as save it. It also allows us to record songs to tune them offline. The music menu has nearly everything to fulfill the taste of everybody.

We get up to 0.5 points for each minute we play music.

2. Playing games

I installed two games and they generate points each minute we play. Some of the games show ads for a few seconds when a step is finished.
I found the games good enough for leisure time.

We get bonus points for installing games on the smartphone. The count of points continues to increase when we play further.

3. Participating in surveys

We can earn decent amount of points by participating in surveys. The surveys can produce points up to 50 at once.

The app actually redirects us to another sites that are survey sites tied up with Current.

I participated in some of the available surveys in which I answered some of the questions which decided my eligibility for the survey. I was qualified for a few surveys based on my information and earned around 50 points on the first day. We need to answer 8 to 10 questions like age, locality, education, gender, etc for applying for the survey.

You will be directed to another survey if you do not fit for the available one.

4. Watching Videos

We can collect more points by watching videos. Most of the videos are advertisements and promotions of apps and games. The ads last up to 30 sec and we need to click on ‘Watch another video’ that means the videos do not play automatically.

Videos allow us to earn up to 15 points.

Note: I did not found any adult content in videos or ads.

5. Accepting offers

This is another option to produce points by accepting offers and completing tasks. The tasks include installing apps, playing games, answering surveys.

I tried a few tasks and installed some applications on my cellphone. The trick is that you can keep the app if you find it useful or uninstall it.

The offer segment is listed with various tasks along with the points to be acquired for completing the task. We do not get any points unless we complete the task.

6. Referral earnings

We can invite our friends to install the application and earn up to $250. The invitation link can be sent via message, social media chat, etc.

I sent the link to some of my friends and earned 50 points straight away from each installation. Apart from the initial bonus, we will continue to earn 5% as referral earning in the form of points for a lifetime.

Ex. If you invited someone to install the app and he installs the app then you will get 50 points instantly.
Now, if your friend makes 100 points then you will get 5 points as a referral earning.

Apart from the main earning sources, there is another option named ‘Bonus Bucks’ in redeem area which helps us to double the points earned by playing music.

I came across a new feature in Current recently which allows us to earn for charging the phone, seriously for charging the phone. I will update the information here after exploring the feature or you can comment below to let me know about this new feature.

How can we redeem points to cash?

Let me come to the main point now. The points collected can be exchanged in to the cash via PayPal.

Apart from PayPal, we can opt for gift rewards including smart watch, drone, earphones, projector, etc.

The minimum amount which can be redeemed is just $1.00. The payment for points to USD is as follows:

  • $1 = 7,350
  • $3 = 9,950
  • $6 = 15,500
  • $10 = 22,500
  • $20 = 35,000

Note: I did not find a way to update the payment method in the app and learned that some of the users face difficulties to get the payment after signing up to the app with an email address other than PayPal email so I suggest using PayPal email address to sign up with the app.

Do they have support?


The Current app has a support team to help us. In case we need any help with installing the app or difficulty getting payment we can drop an email to [email protected]

Go to the ‘Earn’ tab and click on the ‘Settings’ icon to get assistance from the support.

Money perspective

I was able to collect almost 2,000 points using the app and at this rate, I will be able to make at least 22,500 in a month which equals to $10.00.

If we withdraw a lump sum of $20.00 in exchange for 35,000 points we will be getting $1.00 for 1,750 points. So even if someone could make 600 points a day he can easily make $10.00 a month.

I use two connections Reliance Jio and Airtel with my smartphone. I need to pay Rs.199/28 days for Jio and Rs.149/28days in total Rs. 348~350.

Even if we make $10.00/month which is equal to approximately Rs. 750 so we can easily make enough to pay our phone bills by playing music and playing games.

Comment below if you need any further information. Share the post with your friends if you find the information useful and download the app by clicking the button.

Thank you for your time.

Note: I will update payment proof here as soon as I get it to my PayPal account.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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